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tv   [untitled]    November 18, 2010 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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>> did afternoon. this is the regular meeting of the san francisco wedding committee -- san francisco planning commission. before we began, may i remind you to turn off electronic devices that may sound during the proceeding. please speak directly into the microphone, 32 6 inches away, and state your name for the record. -- three to six inches away, and state your name for the record. faug[roll is called. a;; all
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present] item one commence planning code section 243, van ness special use district to require a conditional use operation -- authorization for other entertainment uses. the other is planning amendments as part of parkmerced. your printed calendar shows a proposal for continuous of 25 07
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pacific ave to december 16, 2010, but staff asked for it to be continued to -- i am sorry, january 13. we are asking if the continued to january 20, 2011. item four is for the park merced project 3711 19th ave. the items for 226 cabrillo street -- the proposal is exempt from your review per planning
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code 317 (d) (3) because the proposed building for demolition was fun to be unsound at the 50% threshold. the project may be administratively approved following completion of section 311 notification unless a discretionary review request is submitted by a member of the public, in which case a new hearing could follow that notice. at this point, the matter is no longer before you for your consideration. further on your calendar, item 12, case number 2,009.0646c. there hasn't been a request for a continuance of this subject from the product sponsor to generate -- to january 13, 2011. staff supports the request for a
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continuance. item 13, case # 2,010.0717c 4777 for 777 valencia street -- a neighbor has sent a request for a continuance. staff is not in support, and neither is the project sponsor. i am not sure if the requestor of the continuance is here, but i would ask that you take up the request at the call of the item. president miguel: absolutely. >> with that, i am not aware of any other item on the calendar being proposed for a continuance. i do have a number of speaker cards for people who want to speak to the continuance of other items.
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president miguel: the agenda item before us are requests for continuances. anyone speaking is requested to speak directly to the continuance, and not to the item. there will be a one minute time limit on these. >> one minute. president miguel: laura traveler, kathy linn, and mark christianson. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is laura traveler, and i am sure of the new committee called parkmerced action
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coalition in parkmerced. i wanted to call your attention to the item. [no audio] residents together. thank you.
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>> i am mark christiansen. i am speaking on this. my rationale is the following. the height and bulk amounts were put partly to minimize construction on the planned near the san andreas fault. i have given each of you a copy of the california earthquake of april 2006 report by the carnegie institution of washington in 1908. i am going to read this partial as to why it is important we have a continuance. the disturbance seems to have been violent. an old railroad trestle crosses -- the bridge was wrecked. the bridge was broken into places. at one point, the break was 12 to 14 feet past the other. it failed to join the section
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by six or 7 feet. the west section remained with the bank that was practical and lower court to 5 feet vertically than the other piece. displacements here are largely due to be slipping unsettling of the west bank of the like. just south of the bridge across lake merced -- president miguel: 12. >> i sincerely hope you look at this and consider yourself in these deliberations. president miguel: eric, carol sautner. >> eric goodman, a member of the parcmerced action coalition. i wish to extend this to the january 27 date as an organization formed in parcmerced is forming. you have students going on holiday.
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there were limited comments from people able to attend, listen, and learn about the documents. i think the entire series of documents is extensive. you commissioners have problems with the size and scale of the documents presented to you. i do not see how you can rush through this into hearings without giving the community time to go through these documents adequately. i am an architect and a savvy person with the computer, and it was difficult for me. i do not see how a lot of people who have full-time jobs have the time and energy to go through this during the holiday season. president miguel: thank you. >> thank you. >> my name is dr. foster. i am appearing as an individual and on behalf of janis norrington, the oldest longtime
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resident of parkmerced. this includes a map of the united states geographic service, which indicates that parkmerced is one of the most dangerous areas of san francisco. is a level mined area, the most violent area of san francisco in terms of earthquakes. to build a high price -- a high- rise like that are proposing is very dangerous. i urge your continuance on this matter. think you very much. president miguel: kathy lenz. >> i am ms. ting. i support a continuance until january 11 or further out so we
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can have as much time to speak to individuals who are blind, hearing impaired, or elderly. those individuals -- many of them are not computer literate, cannot get down here, and were hoping very much you would come out to visit them there. many of the people who are working were hoping you could come on a weekend at 12 noon. thank you very much. president miguel: is there further public comment on items proposed for continuance? if not, public comment is closed. commissioners? commissioner antonini: i would move that we continue items one, t and two to the dates proposed, item 3 to january 20, 2011, item 42 the date proposed -- four to the date proposed, and item 12
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to january 13, 2011. president miguel: is there a second? commissioner borden: second. >> was there a second? president miguel: yes, commissioner borden. >> on the motion of continuance of items one, too, and for as they are proposed, item 3 to january 20, and item 11 to january 13? commissioner antonini: aye. commissioner borden: aye. commissioner moore: aye. commissioner sugaya: aye. vice president olague: aye. president miguel: aye. >> you are now on your consent calendar. that consists of item six.
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it will be acted upon by a single roll call vote. there will be no separate discussion unless a member of the public or staff requests, in which event it shall be removed from the consent calendar and considered at a future hearing. case no. 2,010.0638c, a request for a conditional use authorization to convert a vacant retail commercial tenant space to a full-service restaurant on the ground floor of a two-story residential and commercial building within the inner clement street neighborhood commercial zoning district. i should note it is my understanding that the item is being called from consent. as so, commissioners, staff is requesting, because the staff person has another item later on the calendar -- we are asking that you move this item to the regular calendar right before
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item 14. for the benefit of the public, item 6 is of consent. it will be moved to the record calendar and will be heard prior to item 14. that takes you to commissioners questions and matters. president miguel: a couple of items, if i may. first, i would like to, at the end of today's session, to close in memory of brother kelly cullen, former director of tndc who recently passed away. i believe he was only 57 years old. if we could do that at the end of the hearing today. during the week, i testified, as did other commissioners, at


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